Hello, Im Vugo123 and I abloslutly adore naval maps because of their variety, pretty good at it too.

Early game Edit

Generally what you want to do is to make a nuclear plant in your base's Power brick. Try to place this as far from the water as possible. (more on that later)

After this, try to co-ordinate your and your ally's first docks. Please note that docks have to be built near another building which can make it expensive early.

If this is a oil map, build oil ships. (If it isn't, skip a few lines concerning the oil.) Now fill all of the oil spots with oil riggs. Now that this is done, (->skip to here <-) Try to build transportships. These will help you to build at new Powerbricks. Build around 2-3 of those. At this time I would suggest going for Battle ships, Gun boats or Air-based units.

Mid-Late game Edit

At this time you should try to kill your nearest opponent, if not possible dig your self into the ground at nearest best possible highground. (only if your opponent is to strong for you)

The way to most efficently kill people in the Conquerors is to out range them. At here is where battle ships while more expensive have the edge. The have absolutely mind blowing range. Use this to take out any nearby building of your opponent, and then strike for the core.

After this, you should be able to play just as normal, have fun!