Strike Center
Strike Center
Cost Unknown
Purpose Unknown
Income Unknown
Hitpoints Unknown
Damage Unknown
Reload Unknown

Overview Edit

This building was only showcased as a teaser on berezaa's twitter page (click here) and is expected to be released in The Conquerors Mark II v1.6, but it isn't yet confirmed. Players were given the chance to use it in berezaa's test server of TCMKII, but had been removed for unknown purposes.

Usage Edit

It is speculated (from what I read in the description a while back) that the Strike Center commands some sort of attack to a marked position. The target is chosen the same way as a Nuclear Silo. None of this can be reassured, but if anyone knows the exact explanation please edit.

"It seems that it would send all plane units to one spot... well that's what I think" -MMMOOOBBB