Stealth Bomber
Stealth Bomber
Cost 220
Type Air unit
Built In Airport
Hitpoints 50
Speed 16
Range 10
Damage 25
Reload 2.80

Overview Edit

The plant killing machine! The stealth bomber is an extremely quick air unit that excels at taking out undefended buildings (such as power and nuclear plants) and very small groups of units (4 heavy soldiers can easily kill a stealth bomber), but is very fragile and fairly expensive.

Usage Edit

It's a very situational unit that's extremely good at taking out lightly defended enemy bases or power plants. It's speed enables it to outrun every other unit in the game, making it very hard to take down even though it has little HP. It's best used as a hit-and-run unit in groups of at least two, since using it in groups increases the DPS exponentially, making three or so stealth bombers be able to take down command centers in mere seconds. It's also worth noting that SAM turrets take it down exceedingly quickly, so caution around them is advised.