Introduction Edit

Finding a good an effective ally could make or break your game, so it is key to find an ally who you can trust and rely on. The guide you are about to read is entirely my opinion and you are in no way obligated to use my methods. I am only publishing this because when I use these techniques, I tend to find smart and reliable allies who not only have my back but caters to my game play style. So without further delays, here it is: SparkMe1337's Ally Guide.

Making an Ally Edit

When finding an ally you need to clearly know who is fit for being your ally. So before you send an ally request to the guy who won the previous game, you need to determine if he actually fits your standards. But first, lets see what a poor ally does.

A poor ally tends to not chat and does not attempt to communicate to someone, they seem to be in their own world. A poor ally also tends to be categorized as a "noob". Meaning they either have a default avatar or they do not know basic game mechanics and is asking for constant help on how to perform tasks such as moving units or placing buildings. Although a poor ally may communicate a lot and have understanding of basic controls, they may not know game strategy. For example, if you see a potential ally build a barracks and immediately start building troops without placing income buildings such as power plants and nuclear plants, then this person will not be a good ally as they do not how strategize and produce income for their war efforts.

On the contrary, a good ally will do none of what was done above. Not only will a good ally communicate effectively and have understanding of controls, they will also know how to effectively play the game. This means they will know how to attack bases, produce income for their empire, and also work collaboratively with you. They may also know how to share buildings and help you when you need it. But in return you should help them!