Cost 50
Type Infantry
Built In Barracks
Hitpoints 50
Speed Unknown
Range Unknown
Damage 14
Reload 0.9

Overview Edit

A strategic unit with amazing range and good damage that only attacks other infantry units.

Usage Edit

The Sniper is a great early-game unit that can harass enemy armies from long ranges and defend points. It's use in mid-game to late-game degrades though, mainly due to the fact that people tend to use Heavy Tanks and other very powerful units that the Sniper can't attack.

NOTE: Unlike many units, snipers need an open line of sight to their target, else they will not fire.

Trivia Edit

It and the Anti air tanks are the only units in the game to be able to only attack one kind of unit.

Attacks and defenseEdit

The sniper has low health compared to regular soldiers, so keep them towards the back. If you have some tanks use these in the front with the snipers behind them. Use soldiers to weaken the enemy and the snipers to finish them off. The snipers will destroy the defending troops.

For defense, use the sniper on a high location to pick off the enemy's before they get to your base. Snipers can pick off medics at the back. Snipers can also pick of any other infantry at the front or the back.