Cost 45
Type Soldiers
Built In Barracks
Hitpoints 50
Speed Unknown
Range Unknown
Damage 4
Reload Unknown

Overview Edit

This unit is built in the barracks,with a incredibly fast rate of about a scout every 3 seconds ,making it one of the fastest produced units in the game. Faster than any light soldier, heavy soldier, and RPG soldier; the scout can cross the battlefield in no time. However its great speed comes with a price. This unit may be agile but it is very fragile.

Usage Edit

This unit is best used to make Power Plants, Nuclear Plants, and/or Fusion Plants. Seeing that the placement spots for Plants are wide spread, this is the best unit to go around and plants well Plants. Hint: (This is why you are given one at the start of the game).

Also note, the scout has a greater range than the heavy and light soldier.