Early Game Edit

You start off with a scout, two light soldiers, and a light tank, a cc, and $300. The best decision you can make is use your scout to make all the power plants that you can. You should be able to make 4 or 5 power plants for an early 50 or 60 pm. You should continue to make power plants at the locations that you can. You should also get an ally, preferably one that you can rely on to coordinate attacks with and one that you can trust not to back stab you. If you get rushed, just simply build a barracks, train some heavy soldiers, and threaten them with a heavier attack. If you get threatened, always remember to ignore the threat and make a bigger one. One example is when someone's threatening your income but you threaten their base. If they don't respond, just make the threat a reality. They'll be losing more than you. Your ally should also be able to help by making some soldiers at your barracks. However, most servers will also have a truce which means that the pp killer will fall under a coordinated attack by the whole server. If they don't or you can't make a bigger threat, well, you should be able to counter by just moving your troops to kill his troops at your pp if the forces are in the opponent's favor, or equal. Another tip if you can't set a fight at your buildings is to move your heavily injured units out of their units range so you can save them. This allows for your army to last a much longer time, but this is hard to do with a big army. Another added tip is that your cc is basically invincible for the first 18 minutes. It deals so much damage that max pop heavy soldiers will die to your cc if you can get them in range. The only things you should watch out for are allied attacks on your control center. Those will kill your command center if you don't tank for it. Also, if you reach max population yourself for infantry, sell the infantry so you can get more heavy soldiers. However, don't sell the tank as that's valuable damage in the early game.

Mid game