Nuclear Silo
Nuclear Silo
Cost $675
Purpose Used to construct ICBM Missile.
Income N/A
Hitpoints 200
Damage N/A
Reload N/A

Overview Edit

A structure that allows production of the ICBM Missiles only after the 60 minute mark of a round. This structure has a longer build time hands down. You must have at least two Nuclear Plants to build a Nuclear Silo.

Usage Edit

The Nuclear Silo fires off a ICBM Missile, which is basically a Nuclear Warhead. Capable of massive damage to ones base or even total destruction of certain units and buildings such as light soldiers, houses, and turrets for example.

Trivia Edit

To fire the ICBM Missile you must do these steps:

  1. Select the Missile
  2. Go to Interface
  3. Click Enable
  4. Go to Control Units or Ctrl. Units
  5. Click where you want to fire it.
  6. Be patient and watch the Fireworks :)

Having the DNA Bomb Pass makes your nukes green!