Light Soldier
Light soldier
Cost $10
Type Soldiers
Built In Barracks
Hitpoints 100
Speed 7
Range 15
Damage 1
Reload 1

Overview Edit

"Medium speed, low health and damage unit.  Good in swarms.  Created in the barracks."
The light soldier is one of the simplest soldiers in TCMKII. At the start of a new game you begin with two light soldiers, along with a scout and a light tank. With a cost of only 10 cash, the light soldiers are very disposable but are very vulnerable alone.

Usage Edit

Light Soldiers are the most cost-effective unit in the game. The Light Soldier because of that provides the most firepower possible for early-game warfare if you need a cheap, disposable unit. While weaker than the heavy soldier, it can outrun it and or distract it for a time. It is also worth noting that heavy soldiers are only a better pick if the unit cap is a problem. For example, 8 light soldiers will beat 4 heavy soldiers.

Trivia Edit

This is the cheapest purchases out of all items in TCMKII