Heavy Tank
Heavy Tank
Cost $90
Type Tank
Built In Tank Factory
Hitpoints 250
Speed Unknown
Range Unknown
Damage 5
Reload Unknown

Overview Edit

Heavy tank is one of the tanks avaliable in The Conquerors. It is also the 2nd slowest unit in game.

Usage Edit

They are cost-efficient, the damage and hitpoints are a blast. However, if it comes to the speed they are not only slow but also the attack speed isn't wonderful. Commonly used in larger mid and late game raids, these tanks are best used at the front line with soldiers and possibly planes in the back, to soak up damage for them. Since they are well... tanks.

Attacks Edit

1. On only land maps you should have the tanks at the front to absorbe damage. A good tactic to use is to put artillery at the back with solders in the middle and tanks at the front

2. On water maps have the tanks in transports escorted by gunships or destroyers. Use the transports to land the tanks on the beach with the gunboats/destroyers destroying costal buildings.

Pros Edit

-the tanks have high health and damage -good for defense -good escorts

Cons Edit

-slow speed -not able to go in air transports -die quickly to turrets.