When the game first begins you start with the following: Command center,Scout,Light troop,Light tank. If you are new to the game you will want to read the tutorial real quickly, but if you know how to work the basic mechanics then you will want to secure a money source. To do this move one of your troops to the nearest green crystal and then chose one of the following:

Power Plant(Cheapest, but also gives you the least amount of money)

Nuclear Plant(Not too expensive but not that cheap. Gives you a decent amount)

Fusion Plant(Most expensive and gives you a little bit more than the Nuclear Plant..however it also comes with its own turret)

After choosing which plant you wish to plop down go out and move to the next green crystal. In the first 30 min of the game your CC has enhanced damage. You can usually leave that first plant unguarded during that time and go create another. When you make your second have all your troops guard it. Now that you have two plants you can start saving up for a barracks. The barracks allows you to make soldier based troops and it is also the cheapest of the troop production buildings. Once you create it start creating troops to defend your two power plants. It is best to choose from one of the following:

Light troop: Cheap but it has little health and damage

Heavy troop: Cost 2x more than the light troop, but it has more damage and health.

*I would personally go with Heavy*

Once you finish that army start making tanks. Again you are met with a choice:

Heavy tank(Cost more but has better HP and damage)

Light tank(Cost less but has less HP and damage)

*Still would personally go for heavy*

Once you start making your tanks you will now have enough troops to go secure a third plant. Make a third plant at the nearest green crystal and then move your newly built tanks to go defend that. At this point you can really do whatever you want. Keep making troops and keep securing plants until you have 3-4. Once you get that much you can pick and choose what defensive buildings you wish, and you can go on a rampage :)


*TALK* to your ally. If you want to save yourself time and get an advantage in the game make sure you TALK to them CONSTANTLY. A good tactic is for your ally and you to share what type of buildings you make to produce troops. Example:

Ally 1 will make the barracks and airport

Ally 2 will make the tank factory and defensive buildings for both

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