Overview Edit

There are currently 4 badges you may get in The Conquerors Mark II.

Champion Edit


Get this badge by winning your very first game of The Conquerors!

Difficulty: Easy

Conqueror Edit


Get this badge by winning 5 matches of The Conquerors! (Does not have to be same server)

Difficulty: Medium

MLG Pro Edit


This badges is awarded to those who win a whole round of Conquerors without an ally.

Difficulty: Medium

Sudden Death Edit

Sudden Death
Win the match after the game announced that there is less than 10 minutes remaining in the round.

Difficulty: Hard (Ally doesn't agree, enemy sells out, tie)

Trivia Edit

If you do not choose to have an ally for any reason besides the MLG Pro badge, you're not cool. There's no reason not to have an ally, they help you in almost every way!

"Unless they are bad"- Swiftblade12345

"I had five allies once. One was a safechatter. The other didn't know how to turn on share buildings. The third one didn't know how to make units or buildings. The fourth one made an airport as his first building. And the fifth one sold everything and left." - LEEDOLEEDO

"I wouldn't have won any of the rounds I have if it wasn't for my ally." - SmartOutlaw

"An ally is one less person to worry about and one less person to kill." - Crashii