Cost $90
Type Soldiers
Built In Fort
Hitpoints 40
Speed 5
Range 32
Damage 15
Reload 7.50

Overview Edit

A Light unit that attacks bases outside the range of most defenses. It will only attack enemy buildings. Great for taking out Defenses when raiding another player.

Usage Edit

Artillery is commonly used to destroy enemy buildings without any of a player's own units getting damaged/destroyed in the process. Please note that artillery will not attack enemy units and due to their extremely low health and low speed they are easy targets for other units when by themselves.

Tips Edit

Since artillery cannot defend themselves from enemy units it is suggested you bring along some units to protect your artillery so they do not get destroyed. If you have an oblivious enemy you can send your artillery to destroy at least most of their base if they are not attentive. They will also have trouble getting to your artillery at all if they are protected and since artillery will not target enemy units they can focus on destroying enemy buildings while your units focus on killing the enemy soldiers and tanks.

It is recommended to position Artillery at the top of the hill adjacent to an enemy base, as it will take more time for an enemy to scale the hill with his units and engage the artillery.