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Suggest your good (and not so good) ideas here!

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Oil rig on the ground? :p where would the oil be?

The oil would be on the ground, not all oil comes from water.

.... i guess but the in the game the source of income in the water should be only oil as the only source of income on land should bethose uranium spots

yeah, makes since


Walls should be added back (but this time 25 walls instead of 15).

TCMKII Suggestions
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Link to ROBLOX model:


Why not a pyro troop? It could do lots of damage to ground units with some damage over time, but low damage against planes and tanks.

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1. Player Profiles

Features W/L ratios and average win time, keeps track of and displays wins, losses and ally-less wins. (Disable in VIP servers.) Along with a reset profile option, for those who want to have a second chance at a good win loss ratio.

2. Player Ranks

Something for people to aim for, each level requires (Level# x2 +2) more wins than the rank before. Can unlock certain player or unit custmoizations. Ranks can have military names and can help players pick better allies.

Level 1: Starter

Level 2: 2 Wins

Level 3: 6 Wins

Level 4: 14 Wins

Level 5: 30 Wins

3. Bridges

Require any 3 conscutive tanks to touch the ruins and it constucts on there, can be destoryed. Has 500 health. Placed by map maker or Berezaa. Would be 5 studs long or so.

4. Improved Map Selection

A script that makes sure a server doesn't play the same map twice in a row.

5. Loading Screen

Joining 5 minutes late is a disadvantage, so if there was a 60 second count down before each game started. Per person, one second goes down the coutdown each second. Meaning if it's only one person, they wait 1 minute. But a full server waits 10 seconds.

6. Progression Bar

When making a new building, rather than a health bar that tells us nothing of progress. A progress bar replaces it until it's fully built. Then it's replaced by a normal health bar. (For Buildings) This way, player know how long to wait for silo etc.

7. Auto Agressive

When a player leaves, his base automatically goes to offensive rather than peaceful. (This is helpful when people DC during "truces" that people agree and no one joins and that base is a free kill, and the teammate is at disadvantage.

8. Player Points

To help figure out who has the most wins, a reward of 1 player point per win would make it more worth to win and easier to find professional players. (Disable in VIP servers)

guys stop posting here hes not updating it because alkan is making a 3
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